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European Registry for Children on Renal Replacement Therapy


European Society for Paediatric Nephrology
European Renal Association - European Dialysis and Transplant Association
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Currently all vacancies have been fulfilled


The ESPN/ERA Registry has received a lot of interest from paediatric nephrologists from all over Europe. As a result, several short-term and long-term internships have been performed at the Registry.

A very brief overview of the performed internships;

- Leah Krischock, a paediatric nephrologist from the United Kingdom, visited the department for one week to perform two studies on anaemia in dialysis and transplant patients. She received a grant from the ESPN to perform this internship.

- Jerome Harambat, a paediatric nephrologist from France, received a grant from the ERA QUEST fund to perform a one-year internship from November 2010 to November 2011. He performed 4 different studies using Registry data.

- Elke Wuhl, a paediatric nephrologist from Germany, received an ERA short-term fellowship grant to perform a one-month internship at the Registry in summer 2011 and october 2012. Her work was on congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract.

- Huib de Jong, a paediatric nephrologist from the Netherlands, performed a short-term internship on differences in graft survival between different ages.

- Danilo Lofaro, a PhD student from Italy, had his 6-month internship at the Registry in 2012. He has received a short-term ERA fellowship.

- Marco Bussutti, a medical intern from Italy visited the registry for 4 months to work on the calcium phosphate metabolism in 2013.

- Maike van Huis, a PhD student in the field of pediatric nephrology works on data from the registry. Her focus is on growth hormone policies and differences between countries. She worked with the data in 2013 and 2014.

- Djalila Mehkali, a pediatric nephrologist from Belgium has worked on the data with respect to ARPKD.

- Enrico Vidal, a pediatric nephrologist from Italy worked for 3 weeks in November 2013 on a project on infant dialysis. His stay was made possible by a grant from the European Agency for Health and Consumers.

- Tuula Hollta, a pediatric nephrologist from Finland visited the registry for 3 weeks in December 2013. She compared the outcomes of patients with Finnish type congenital nephrotic syndrome in those from Finlans versus the other countries. Her stay was also funded by the European Agency for Health and Consumers.

- Beyza Erdogan, from Turkey visited the registry during April 2014 for a study on Prune Belly syndrome.

- Julian Hogan, from France visited the registry during 2014 to study gender differences on the transplant waiting list and found that females were less likely to receive a renal transplant.

- Dinara Galiyeva, from Kazachstan visited the registry during 2015 to study the cardiovascular risk profile.

- Michael Boehm, from Austria visited the registry during 2015 to study vascular access.

- Lidwien Tjaden, from Amsterdam, conducted a part of her PhD project on racial disparities in Europe using Registry data.

- Liz Cuperus, medical student from Leiden (the Netherlands), performed a study on disparities in paediatric kidney transplantation in Europe.

- Evgenia Preka (paediatric nephrologist working in the UK) works part-time as a PhD study at the Registry on various topics in paediatric KRT.

- Simeon Dupont, medical doctor from Germany visited the Registry in 2020 for a study on comorbidities.

We are always very open to individuals who would like to perform an internship at the registry. Please contact Marjolein Bonthuis and email to if you would like to retreive more information.